Have you ever watched a child romping with glee as they play? It often seems as it they gain joyful pleasure from the freedom and ease of movement itself. Do you remember when you felt that way? Maybe it was not so long ago, or perhaps it was decades. Whatever your history, would you get interested, even excited, if you could gain comfortably free movement once again? Would you be eager to stand taller, breath deeper, sleep restfully and quietly, stop creaking, and leave aches and stiffness behind? Would you like to feel better? Testimonies of these positive changes accumulate daily as clients experience Advanced Bio-Structural Correction, an alternative to chiropractic, at The Balanced Body.  → Read more

file0001064714375Sometimes it’s the trials that show you something new, open a different door, help you see something differently.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before.  It has held true for me many, many times.  I like routines, I like things to stay the same, I like homeostasis.  Aaron is a different story, but that’s probably why he’s so smart. :)

What does this have to do with pain?  Well, I’ll tell you.   → Read more

This post is for all my fellow Chocolate and Peanut (or Almond) butter buddies.

Waaaaaay back in my pre-Aaron days, which also happen to be my pre-healthy days, I was a peanut butter cup addict.

Shocking, I know.

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It has been said that great truths and powerful principles often appear simple.  They might seem so simple, in fact, that the average person overlooks them in trying to find a more difficult way.

Katie was a perfect example of this proverb.  She came in looking for help with a list of ailments that were growing increasingly problematic.  The list included chronic constipation, morning stiffness, regular headaches, foggy thinking, inconsistent memory, faltering energy, and a lacking desire to do anything active that might increase her physical discomfort.

stockvault-bottled-water134699Although burdensome, these complaints aren’t anything unusual.  What made her case memorable was how fast her complaints resolved as she applied a very simple suggestion. → Read more

What’s a girl to do when she’s out of meat, has a surplus of eggs, and needs a gluten and dairy free dinner ready in less than an hour, something easy that can bake while other chores are being done?  Every egg casserole I’ve found has cheese, milk, bacon or sausage or any other number of chemical laden products (bisquick and the like).  In the past few years I’ve wondered if it’s even possible to make a healthy egg casserole. → Read more

This is part 2 in a series on external uses for herbs.  You can find part 1 here.

Ok, so your oil is infused, strained and ready for use!  You can use it as is, for example, mullein oil for earache or infection.  You can also make a salve.  There are about as many ideas for salves as you are creative.  Of course, most of you have probably used Neosporin, or something like it, at some point in your life, but you may not ever need it again.

You can make an antibiotic salve that will kill the antibiotic resistant bacteria! → Read more


It had been years since I’d seen a body or a smile as crooked as Rusty’s. A former boxer whose competitive days ended 25 years earlier with a car accident and a mangled fracture of the lower leg, his body clearly showed signs of abuse and mechanical compensation. His primary concern was chronic shoulder pain that was frustrating his attempts to regain some of his long-lost fitness.  He’d come to accept and neglect the sagging right hip and shoulder, the snake-like spine, rigidly rounded back, the protruding head position, and the standard muscle stiffness and dysfunction that rides on the coat-tails of years of poor posture. → Read more

Here is a test. I think you should take it. It could affect your next meal, your metabolism, and even the joy in your life.

You are going to read a word. After reading that word pay attention to your very first impression. Then give yourself one minute to let the tide of associated images, beliefs, feelings, and facts associated with that word arise from the dark recesses of your mind. Let them be illuminated for one minute at the forefront of your consciousness. Are you ready? Here’s the word … → Read more

There is a Spanish proverb that states, “A man who makes no time to care for his own health is like a mechanic who makes no time to care for his tools”.  In previous posts, we looked at a few health care options that have some potential to reduce our dependence (should we so wish to do so) on the popular medicinal philosophy of the day.  If the potential of gaining a measure of independence in your own health care is attractive.  You may want to consider adding some herbal options. Or if you are one of the expanding numbers of perceptive citizens who smell something reminiscent of week-old filet of carp when you get tangled in the net of the medical system (to clarify, there are many excellent doctors working in a very flawed medical monstrosity, the scent of which is only slightly better than week-old eel, the odor whisping about most government buildings), you may want to consider herbal remedies. → Read more

Calvin came in looking for help last week.  Calvin had been in to get help three months before.  He’d found help then and figured he’d find some more.

Calvin had had an annoying and unpleasant health concern involving a normal physiological process that isn’t a popular topic of conversation in most circles of society.  I was willing to listen. He was willing to talk to me about it – with vague references, muted tones, and the door closed.  He felt “puffy”and he couldn’t poop.  After assessing his diet, lifestyle, and bio-field, the cause of the problem and the solution were clear.  His over-stressed adrenal glands were leading to inflammation.  He wasn’t drinking enough water. He also had a couple sensitivities to some common foods he enjoyed.  So, his colon was angrily inflamed, dried out, and chronically irritated.  His colon was letting him know that his lifestyle choices weren’t cooperating with his physiology.

His nutrition decisions weren’t in agreement with his physical design. 

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