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The Balanced Body

Working with God's design to build health naturally in structure, nutrition, and movement


Better Frame, Form, and Function

Feel better, look better, play better, and move better as you correct the framework that supports all your working parts.


Assessment, Design, and Coaching

If you aren't assessing, you are only guessing.  Find out how your functional and biochemical individuality can guide your meal plan and lifestyle choices.


Corrective and Performance Exercise

Build a balanced foundation and functional fitness you can use for a lifetime. Designing the exercise program that best fits your biomechanical individuality and performance goals.


Quality and Effectiveness

Offering proven products to compliment your individual structural, nutritional, and movement program.

Structural Correction at The Balanced Body

Aaron Wilson posted June 19, 2017

    Have you ever watched a child romping with glee as they play?  It often seems as if they gain joyful pleasure from the freedom and ease of movement itself.  Do you remember when you felt that way?  Maybe it was not so long ago, or perhaps it was decades.  

    Whatever your history, would you get interested, even excited, if you could gain comfortably free movement once again?  Would you be eager to stand taller, breath deeper, sleep restfully and quietly, stop creaking, and leave aches, pain, and stiffness behind?  Would you like to feel better as you work and play?  

    Testimonies of these positive changes accumulate daily as clients experience Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) at The Balanced Body.

Life happens.  With it, injuries happen.  We fall off bikes or ladders. We get tackled in the big game or jostled in the crowd.  We get into fender benders or axle breakers.  Even habitual slumping in the recliner, school desk, or church pew has hurtful consequences.  These injuries, large or small, accumulate as life moves forward.  Many of these injuries never fully heal because your body can not always correct the position of certain bones that have been driven out of position.  Your body then intelligently compensates for these uncorrected problems.  The injuries and compensations accumulate like layers and cause a seemingly inevitable march toward diminished health and a twisted frame.  The more frequent (daily work or sport) or more severe (traumatic accidents) the injuries are, the faster they accumulate.  This is one reason two different people may have differing degrees of problems, even at the same age.

With Advanced Biostructural Correction, we can find and correct  what your body cannot and has not fixed, freeing your body to correct the compensations it has used to cope.  Once the real problem (bones out of place that the body cannot re-position because it lacks a muscle attached to pull in the needed direction) is properly addressed, the compensations unwind easily.  Clients often find themselves surprised when irritating and disruptive problems that have bothered them for years just go away. 

    With ABC you can remove as many or few of the layers of injury as you wish, depending on how well you want to feel and function now, or 5, 10, or 20 years from now.  Connect with The Balanced Body when you are ready to start peeling away those layers and begin moving more like a kids again.

Nutrition Coaching at The Balanced Body

By Aaron Wilson posted June 19, 2017

    It has been said, "You are what you eat." Or maybe you've heard, "Health begins and ends in the gut." Or "You as healthy as you believe you are."  In any case, there are many elements in life that influence our health, some more obvious than others.  The Balanced Body works with you to understand the elements that are intimately involved in your health scenario, suggest a practical plan to address them, and offer needed support as you work toward a personal transformation.  There are several complimentary aspects to The Balanced Body’s nutrition services:

    First, we want to help you understand your current health challenges and develop a practical plan to correct them. This process begins with a thorough review of your health history and a detailed investigation of your current health status. Once we discover where your health is now, we determine goals to work toward, then build an effective plan based on reasonable lifestyle changes and real, whole-foods that you can prepare economically at home.

    Second, we want to help you identify and address any obstacles that would prevent your body from responding to a sound health building plan. Many incoming clients have found frustrated with nutrition and lifestyle changes in the past. Sometimes the particular plan wasn’t working for their particular body and a different plan is need. Sometimes their body isn’t working and needs to do some correcting in order to cooperate with an otherwise proper plan. Digestive compromise, food sensitivities, chronic inflammation, emotional stress, respiratory trouble, dental issues, sleeping problems and such… Many things can stand in the way of success. The good news is those things can often be improved naturally, allowing you to enjoy the expected benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

    Third, we want to make sure you have access to the high-quality specialty foods, supplements, and complimentary products that you can trust to consistently perform. There are so many products available that come with all kinds of promises. The Balanced Body wants to help you pierce through the propaganda and popular opinion. We recommend proven products and strategic supports that really work.

    Lastly, we want to promote a supportive community to encourage you as you take the reins of responsibility for your own health. We will continue to add to the educational resources on this website (Browse the blog at www.balbod.com), host educational workshops and meetings open to the community, and help you network with local farmers and food artisans.

If you have been wrestling with questions about how a personalized health and lifestyle program can help you, The Balanced Body may have answers you’ve been looking for. We want to help you find the road you need to travel toward better health and physical performance, because if you are healthy, then you can't be sick.  We will look forward to your call or email!


These are few of our favorite things...

Premier Research

Excipient-Free Nutritionals

Plant-based nutritionals for specific functional and organ support with zero chemicals or additives.


Herbal Tinctures

Powerful antimicrobial and nutritional support in easy to use energetically imprinted herbal tinctures.

Curiously Curative

Organic Personal Care

All organic topical salves, skin care and dental care with an impressive knack for helping what's hurting.

Living Fuel

Whole Food Smoothie Mix

Extremely nutrient-dense superfood concentrate and protein blend for blood sugar and inflammation control.

Exercise Programming at The Balanced Body

By Aaron Wison posted July 19, 2017

    Exercise is like a medicine. A proper exercise prescription, one that is fitting to the specific needs of a person, heals. If it doesn’t fit, it harms. Exercise can offer more than calorie burning, cardio health, and muscle toning (although those certainly are benefits). Proper and consistent movement are essential to resilient health. A proper exercise program should help you stand taller, breathe deeper, move freely, build energy, thwart illness, maintain mental sharpness, stabilize moods, and feel like an all around more able person. If it is not helping, something should change.  A properly designed exercise program is also a natural compliment to structural correction and health problem-solving at The Balanced Body.

    The Balanced Body may transform your understanding of exercise. We use postural assessment, functional strength testing, bio-mechanical testing and movement pattern assessment to design your path to premiere performance in work and sport. The body is a mechanical marvel. A properly designed performance exercise program should reflect the body’s dynamic capacity, teaching the body to work smart and powerfully under the reins of the soul that wields it. The Balanced Body designs programs that produce physical skill and builds bodies that operate in real life, compete in sport, and satisfy the demands of work.   While we believe a healthy body naturally looks good as it reflects the health contained inside, we believe exercise should do a whole lot more than build bodies merely to decorate magazine covers.

    The Balanced Body has 20 years of experience in efficiently determining the structural and mechanical needs of clients. We have specialized in designing personalized flexibility, stability, and strengthening programs that satisfy those needs. It has been our privilege to guide clients safely from broken to balanced, from caution to confidence, and taking movement from pain to pleasure. Call to talk more about how an assessment-based corrective exercise program can work for you.

About Aaron

Aaron Wilson is a fitness fanatic turned whole-person healer. Weaned from a health-nut mom and a gym-junky dad, Aaron developed an interest in how the body works, falls apart, and changes for the better at an early age. After graduating from Liberty University with an honors degree in Exercise Science (Summa Cum Laude), he has managed to detox from the conventional health and wellness wisdom of the age and refocus on whole-person health according to Divine Design.
Aaron began officially helping others with their own health, fitness, and performance 20 years ago. As time has passed, he has been graced with opportunities to closely work several of the foremost minds, innovators, and founders in the physical health and performance field. Considering himself more of a synergist than a specialist, he draws from multiple disciplines and paradigms to help clients discover the cause of health concerns and performance problems. He then designs and implements personalized programs to restore, rebuild, and revive client’s health and performance to potential.
Aaron has accumulated many credentials. However, he currently focusses his work with clients in a few primary areas: Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology, Advanced Biostructural Correction, and Quantum Reflex Analysis.
A midwest native, transplanted to southern California, then self-exiled to central Pennsylvania to live more simply and sustainably, he is currently back home again in Indiana with his wife and seven children enjoying the woodsy home he grew up in.


“Thanks for sharing your time and unbelievable joy for what you do.... I always love our everything-in-one sessions. Maybe not during, but always after, and I always love the results. Also, thank you so much for the fact that my goals have been met beyond what I expected... There was a long time that I felt that would be impossible. I have a lot of new opportunities now and will be a new person, with new health, a renewed body, and new life.”

“I want to again to take this opportunity to thank you for being there for me during this surprising transformation process.  The physical changes are enormous. The mental, emotional, and spiritual growth is greater. I think it has been tough for both of us!  Thanks for your patience and guidance.  You are a strong, powerful man with a great gift from God.  I am truly blessed to have met you.

“Your natural, non-invasive approach has provided me with much comfort and the results have always exceeded my expectations. Further, your keen in interest in my health and well being has been of considerable personal value. You have become a significant resource for me. You know what you are doing... though I don't know how you do it. Plus, you get results, and that's important.